What if I fall?” Oh, but my darling. What if you fly?

Darla 30th.Nov 2015.133My name is Darla and I’m the Owner of Darling Chic Eats.  My love of confectionery began in my hometown – deep in the southern tip of New Jersey. Although, I now call our nation’s capital home, I travel back to my hometown multiple times each year to visit my family for the holidays and other life celebrations.

I especially look forward to Thanksgiving when I help my mother host an annual tea party.  My mom’s love of creating memorable and empowering experiences for her closest girlfriends, sparked my love of cooking desserts and nibbles and planning and hosting events  that provide an escape from life’s stress and pressures while we’re all gathered together.  It started with mini cheesecakes and banana pudding parfaits and has grown into dazzling chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels and more.

In 2016, I took a leap of faith and my sweets love to new heights by launching Darling Chic Eats in Washington, D.C. in order to serve the beautiful people of DC, Maryland and Virginia.  At Darling Chic Eats, I work with you to bring your dessert table vision to life in order to provide your guests with a sweet escape while they’re enjoying your life’s most momentous occasions.

So send me a message and let’s brainstorm what tasty delights you want at your next event.  Trust me, I don’t bite…unless you’re a gourmet pretzel. Then I can’t make any promises.


Darling Darla

P.S. All you Pinterest lovers, avid Buzzfeed Food viewers, and YouTube cooking tutorial aficionados out there, this is for you!  If you love finding new recipes and trying out new restaurants, follow my blog for your weekly dose of dessert and food inspiration.